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Alien Inspired Racing Concept Bike

This concept racing bike design was inspired by characters in ‘Alien’. Based on Kawasaki Ninja data’s in height, wheel base, weight etc. The designer Daniel Bailey expects his creation to be a racing bike in the coming future. Looking at this bike, it looks very light-weight, good amount safety measures for the rider and also increased comfort for hi-speeds and cornering.

Sleek Alien Racing Bike Concept

Sleek Alien Racing Futuristic Bike

Sleek Design Alien Racing Bike

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  1. jhosmell Says:

    Es una maravillosa creacion , conducir una motocicleta de ese modelo seria una experiencia maravillosa ..

    sigan asi felicitaciones es una foto genial

  2. Andy Says:

    That could work, rollers on the inside of the wheel ‘stays’, you could lose the part round the front of the wheel, wheel would need to have no flex at all, or I could see it resonating and jamming. Inside of the rear wheel could be like a gear with teeth driven by a toothed roller, belt or chain driven from the engine, although a big risk of debris getting in there.

  3. Liam Says:

    And how do the wheels turn?

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