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Future Apple Mac Laptops Gets Thinner

We have seen recently Apple is aiming to get their products thinner and lighter for their users. Along with ultra-portability they are adding in more stylish designs and touch sensitive keypads and LED displays. With the PDA industry dying and Apple focusing on current product lines, does it make sense to release such a product? We think it doesn’t. If anything, our guess is that Apple may choose to marry touch technology with down-to-Earth thinner notebooks for a better, far-reaching product: the MacBook Lite.

Future Apple Macbook

Macbook Lite Concept

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  1. Stephen Says:

    This would be great I really hop it comes out

  2. kim Says:

    This is awesome! Whatever the price I would sooo purchase this! LOVE IT!

  3. Brandon Says:

    I get the whole Concept that “lighter is better”. But is it really. I think not. It’s better for Apple. It means less materials to actually make the product. But It’s going to cost us the consumers even more while they just rake in the cash. On top of that If you dropped it, sat on it, or even dropped something very light on it, let’s say your Iphone4. Chances are It’s going to break and repairs are coming out of your pocket. Sure it looks cool. Maybe a good concept if it was built into a wall or something. But over all It’s not a viable portable device simply because taking with you every where would make it prone to damage.

    I don’t know that’s just my opinion.

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