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Sikorsky X2 Technology Demonstrator Helicopter Tested

To tell about Sikorsky, creators of stealth helicopters have proudly tested their X2 Technology Demonstrator,  a prototype designed to showcase new propulsion systems that will allow their helicopters to fly at twice the speed of traditional ones. It has got sleek look; don’t you think!

Sikorsky X2 Technology Demonstrator

Sikorsky Chief Test Pilot Kevin Bredenbeck maneuvered the prototype for 30 minutes in a few basic tasks: hover, forward flight and hover turn. The project is coming slowly into final shape but when finished, it will be able to cruise easily at 250 knots while maintaining the same features of traditional helicopters, like low speed handling, hovering, and autorotation.[GIZMODO]

Among the innovative technologies the X2 TECHNOLOGY Demonstrator employs are:

  • Fly-by-wire flight controls
  • Counter-rotating, all-composite rigid rotor blades
  • Hub drag reduction
  • Active vibration control
  • Integrated auxiliary propulsion system

Sikorsky X2 Technology Demonstrator Test

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