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Billionaire To Build a $300 Million Super Yacht With Missile Defenses

Russian billionaire and Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich plans on building an armor-plated, bulletproof-glass-installed super yacht complete with anti-missile radar systems, a private submarine, and two helicopters for more than 200 million euros, or almost $300 million.

With his personal fortune of 16 billion dollars, the tycoon plans on constructing an impenetrable floating fortress with a full defense system against sea pirates. Pirates are becoming more common in the waters around Africa; should Abramovich decide to sail to the 2010 World Cup in Africa, he will be ready to defend. Over 269 vessels were attacked and 300 hostages taken last year by pirates according to the International Maritime Bureau.

Under maritime law, non military ships are forbidden from carrying lethal weapons and firearms. Yacht owners are more commonly equipping their vessels with high powered water cannons, ear-splitting klaxons, and lubricant foam to deter walking.

Mega Yacht

It’s no wonder that Abramovich’s new ship, called the Eclipse, will include a radar system to warn the crew of 70 former SAS members of incoming rockets. Armored plating and bulletproof glass make the ship hardened against gun fire. There are also two helipads and equipment to deter bugging.

Should intruders make it on board the ship, Abramovich can escape with his 26 year old girlfriend Daria Zhukova in a yellow submarine which can dive to 160 feet.

The Eclipse — overshadowing all other boats at sea — stretches 550 feet and is being secretly built in Germany at the same shipyard that produced the World War II battleship the Bismarck. Abramovich will be adding this new boat to his existing collection of the 377 feet Pelorus, 282 feet Ecstasea, and 160 feet Sussurro.

The mega yacht will also have cabins for 24 guests as well as a movie theater, aquariam, disco, and hospital.

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  1. Anahi Yacht Says:

    They cannot fire below a certain point due to the risk of hitting their own men. Anahi Yacht

  2. Felix Says:

    Why doesn’t he buy Sadamms old Yacht. O heard it is for sale somewhere in Italy right now!

  3. meme Says:

    Of all the things that money could go to…. talk about frivilous spending.
    And for what?
    We’re all going to die some day eventually, when your time is up… an expensive fucking boat isn’t going to save you.

  4. Arch Says:

    Neither will your moderate lifestyle. There will always be a ruling class, why does it matter that they spend their fortune on luxuries? Yes, billionaires should give 90% of their wealth to charity, but that ain’t gonna happen.

    There aren’t a lot of things a billionare can spend on if you think about it. Most spend it to make more money, some give a fraction of it to charity, while others buy all kinds of neat things.

    The billionaire isn’t immortal? So fucking what? As a modern-day king, he’ll still live a ten times better life than all of us here combined.

  5. Uncle B Says:

    Sad to think how wrong we were, that good acts and noble deeds and good behavior would reward us peace of mind and good life. How innocently we were led to the workhouses to produce riches for the intimidators, the mighty few among us. In concert with feral men, murdering double “y” chromosome monsters and the Bushes and Hitlers of this world, the Uber-rich make the depression befalling the working classes of the western world a mockery of humanity and all that is decent. Stalin knew the secret and madly grabbed it. Abramovich is but a mild version of the real madmen of the world! Let him prance about in his little boat, and let us examine him as a specimen of what is wrong with humanity, and help us protect ourselves from his sort, hereafter!

  6. brian Says:

    Yes, actually that expensive fucking boat will likely save him. It will save him from the poor thieves that want to steal his stuff.

  7. yourface Says:

    Now all he needs is an orbital laser cannon to go with his mobile fortress of doom.

  8. Karl Says:

    Well, it will give several ship builders some work for a bit.
    This will allow them to feed themselves and their families.
    Always look on the bright side of life. Ha!

  9. Quit whining! Says:

    How can people talk about the freedom of the world and whine when people do what they want. Guess what not everyone thinks the same as you, you crybabys. It is Evolution and human randomness which equates to a non perfect world. There will never be a perfect world and you are adding to it. Quit acting so rightous because Rich people don’t do exactly what you say and spend there money as they please. It is not your money, if he wants to live like that within law and morals then so be it. The only way you can be crying so loud about it is because your jealous. The jealously shows through with your hatred of the man because the way he spends his money. You could say man if I had that money I think I would do it different, that is not jealousy.

  10. jas Says:

    God, what a bunch of dickheads.

    go do something more productive.

  11. A Non E-Moose Says:

    Missile defense won’t save you from charges planted from a kayak.

  12. R Descartes Says:

    This is money well spent, at least it’s better then being taxed into poverty for the support of illegal aliens or for that global warming scam.

  13. gMoney Says:

    Arrrrr….we’rrrrr afterrr urrr footie team mate. Now hand errrr over. :)

  14. Adam Says:

    “The Eclipse — overshadowing all other boats at sea – stretches 550 feet and is being secretly built in Germany at the same shipyard that produced the World War II battleship the Bismarck.”

    anybody else notice the word secretly in there?

  15. VlogHog Says:

    So, this is how much a yacht like this would cost in a James Bond movie.

  16. Hank Rearden Says:

    My hero! How cool is it that a guy comes from Russia and buys the worlds most sophisticated yacht? Do you see the irony? The best part of it is that new capitalists like him piss off Marxists like “Uncle B”, who is probably an American. Capitalism created almost all of the world’s wealth. We would all be scratching around in the dirt for food if it were not for guys like Roman. Don’t be hatin’!

  17. Anon Says:

    This is horrible! Anti-pirate defenses are probably the biggest contributor to Global Warming that exists! See! Look at this graph: ! This guy should be arrested!!!

  18. Anon Says:

    Weird, the url god scrubbed…

  19. W Says:

    It’s good for the economy, at least.

  20. Voice of Reason Says:

    “This is money well spent, at least it’s better then being taxed into poverty for the support of illegal aliens or for that global warming scam.”

    unless this man is asked to fund the treasury of an entire country himself i seriously doubt that we will be taxing him into poverty. The fact remains that he COULD have spent the money in a more morally responsible way than buying his 4th luxury yacht… it is LITERALLY impossible to enjoy 4, multi hundred foot, boats at the same time. Sell the others and give money to charity? “Oh no! he only has a 550 foot boat! we must have taxed him into poverty… beware evil mexicans… they may steal your jobs.

    (as a side note: if your worried about unskilled alien laborers taking your job… shouldn’t you be looking for a better job?)

  21. Tomasco Says:

    I don’t see why International Maritime law cannot be changed to allow ships to carry arms for self defense. As it is honest shipping and boating interests are in the same boat as honest citizens around the world. Their governments have restricted their access to arms while being unable to disarm the pirates of the world. If Maritime law cannot protect the people they are making rules for they need to let people arm themselves. The Pirates have free rign. They know there are no guns aboard. They’ve won before they even get aboard. Arm your citizens and give them a fighting chance. I hear pirates make great shark food….

  22. DpwnShift Says:

    @Uncle B:

    “…the Bushes and Hitlers of this world.” I COMPLETELY agree that this is excessive and that the money would be better spent to give what, half of Africa food for a whole year? I also agree with your judgment of soon-to-be Ex-President Bush, but to compare him to one of the most evil men ever to breathe is PREPOSTEROUS.

    Bush: ending his presidency with some of the lowest approval ratings ever.
    Hitler: ended his dictatorship by commiting suicide, after forcing his army and slaves to continue fighting LONG past the point of hopelessness…

    Bush: partially responsible for the current bad economic conditions where you live.
    Hitler: literally turned his own country, Russia, and much of Europe into smoking rubble; people continued to starve to death long after he was gone.

    Bush: responsible for getting involved in another country’s war- possibly using illegal methods to convince the country to support him to gain oil and wealth
    Hitler: invaded and took over several PEACEFUL foreign countries- killing, enslaving, and pillaging them

    Bush: responsible for both worldwide failed policies and lowering the world’s opinion of the US
    Hitler: DIRECTLY responsible for the murdering of millions of innocent civilians

    It took trillions of dollars (today’s value) and millions of lives to stop that demon in 1945, whereas Bush’s term will stand at only 8 years. So while I didn’t and never will support Bush, I took 5th grade history and can put things in perspective.

    When you villanize people past the extent they deserve, how will you ever be able to recognize the next big threat to come?

  23. sianz Says:

    its lame thinking just having a big ship will make any difference… all the pirate needs is to secure a torpedo and thats it. Even hauling parts of a wreck is good money.

    if i had that sort of money, i would hire a small army escort during that trip. 2 subs, 4 destroyers and maybe a carrier with a couple of squardrons if i can afford it. heck, i might even help to cull the ‘pirate population’ for kicks. lol.

  24. Bill Vincent Says:

    Just think, the money he’s spending is going to people who are likely less wealthy than him. The ‘trickle down’ theory has been proven to be largely ineffective, but the more people spend, the more the economy flourishes. Now if we could just get maritime law changed. Any anti-gun nuts out there? This is what happens when you disarm law-abiding citizens. The pirates come get you with impunity.

  25. Want to Build Yacht Says:

    We are all jealous of the guy!We all wish we were rich as that and could build/buy whatever we want.Sorry but thats not gonna happen in our lifetime.. :(

  26. Ryan G Says:

    Well, it had to be a Russian!!

  27. Celestine Says:

    Wats d joy of having money when u can spend it on what u want.There should always be a difference between d super rich,rich n poor

  28. Lexmark Toner Cartridge Says:

    Is this for real or a joke? If a joke…thumbs up for looking so right, if for real….world domination might be a real life fantasy for this guy.

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