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Possible Apple “Brick” Photo Leaked

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Possible Apple “Brick” Photo Leaked

MacBook BrickA new image has leaked of what seems to be a MacBook Pro casing, possibly carved out of a single piece of aluminum. The photo seems to be very consistent with the recent rumors about the Apple “Brick” being a new manufacturing process for its computers. We’ll let you be the judge.

Photo appears to have originated from a Chinese forum site.

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New Rumors About Upcoming Apple ‘Brick’

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New Rumors About Upcoming Apple ‘Brick’

Apple BrickNew speculation arises about the Apple “Brick” — it is an advanced manufacturing process where computers will be cut directly from a solid block of aluminum.

Apple is known for two things: secrecy and innovation. Both comes into play certainly when talking about the new Apple product codenamed “Brick.” Although Apple just recently lifted its non-disclosure agreements to further iPhone application development, the company remains on the hush when it comes to the “Brick.”

Much speculation has come to this mysterious product. Some believe it is simply a new Mac Mini redesign while some say it is the fabled touchscreen Tablet Mac notebook computer.

However, a new rumor has emerged admist all the talk. According to 9to5Mac Apple has spent the last several years perfecting a new manufacturing process that uses lasers and high speed jets of water to carve MacBooks out of bricks of high-quality, aircraft grade aluminum. Advantages would include stronger and lighter design, elimination of screws and seams, and more room for creativity.

Although this claim seems pretty far-fetched, you never know with Apple and 9to5Mac claims to have a very good track record. The “Brick” will be revealed on October 14, so we will see how accurate this rumor is.

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iPhone Mini Projector Concept

We all know that the iPhone is capable playing movies, but wouldn’t it be better if you could view the movie on a larger display ? The wait is going to get over soon ! Honlai Technology has come up with a concept portable mini projector that was developed specifically for the iPhone and maybe the iPod touch also.

iPhone Mini Projector

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