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“No More Heroes” Creator Eyes Wii MotionPlus

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“No More Heroes” Creator Eyes Wii MotionPlus

Wii MotionPlusWhen we first heard about No More Heroes, we had the same fantasies — of waving the Wii remote with sword-like precision — that we might have reserved for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Of course, by the time the latter game hit shelves, we realized such accuracy wasn’t possible with the Wii’s current technology.

That’s why No More Heroes creator Suda 51’s interest in the Wii MotionPlus is so scintillating. In a video interview with IGN, Suda says, “I would like to use Wii MotionPlus for No More Heroes 2 if I could,” though he later adds, “I haven’t even touched Wii MotionPlus yet so I am not aware with how it works so that’s why I am not sure yet.”

Details about the sequel, called No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, are practically non-existent. Obviously it isn’t too far along if the developers haven’t fleshed out the control scheme yet. We at least know that the original game was a beautiful and somewhat underrated hack-and-slash, driven by bizarre characters and Tarantino-esque gore.

We also know a decent amount about the MotionPlus. The remote attachment will make controller response faster and more accurate, Even allowing “1:1” controls, where your physical movement is matched exactly on the screen. When it’s released next spring, the MotionPlus will come with packaged with Wii Sports Resort, a set of minigames that includes sword fighting.

This can only bode well for games with beam katanas won through online auctions.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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Punch-Out!! Coming to Wii, Trailer and Screens Up

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Punch-Out!! Coming to Wii, Trailer and Screens Up

Amidst a flurry of press announcements from Nintendo came official news of a Punch-Out!! remake for the Wii.

Little Mac and Glass Joe in Punch-Out!!The seminal “boxing” series, which hooked countless gamers for the original Nintendo Entertainment System, will get the motion-control treatment some time next year, according to 1UP.

A brief trailer is available at GameVideos. Judging from the action, it seems that original opponents Glass Joe, Von Kaiser and King Hippo are all set to get back in the ring.

For the unfamiliar youngsters, Punch-Out!! follows the meteoric career of Little Mac, an appropriately tiny boxer who often had to face fighters twice his size. There’s very little in this game that resembles actual boxing. Rather, Punch-Out!! puts the emphasis on timed dodges followed by a series of counter-blows. For a time, the Nintendo game featured Mike Tyson, but was later reissued with the generic “Mr. Dream” as the game’s top fighter. We don’t expect Kid Dynamite to return on the Wii.

YouTube Preview Image

A follow-up to the classic game was released for Super Nintendo, but it didn’t nearly match the critical acclaim or popularity of the original. The series hasn’t been touched since then.

No journalist has yet to play the game, but hopefully more details will emerge soon. To hold themselves over, Wii owners can at least grab the original game — sans-Tyson — through Virtual Console.

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SD Card Storage Solution For The Nintendo Wii

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SD Card Storage Solution For The Nintendo Wii

Wii SD CardNintendo CEO Satoru Iwata announced during the fall Japan press conference that the company will be addressing the storage overflow problem with the Wii.

Coming Spring 2009, gamers will be able to download and save items directly to SD Cards in their SD Slot. Furthermore, gamers will be able to load and play software (classic ROM games, anyone?) directly from the SD Card.

This seems like a reasonable, cost-effective solution to the storage problem, praised by Nintendo fanboys everywhere. However, it is said at this time that the SD Card size limit will be 2 GB, so stock up on those 2 GB cards.

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